Solutionarize is a practical skill based event in which students has to find the proper solutions to overcome (or) prevent the problems faced in the day to day applications. It tests the practical and servicing capabilities of the students.


  • ROUND1

    Each team will be provided with individual problems. The answer must be concise and comprise of solution idea for prevention of problems that might be associated with the idea as of today’s modern world.

  • ROUND2

    All the teams will be provided with a common problem and the teams as to solve the problem.
    . One min for topic discussion
    . Two min for Speech
    . The speech should be about the participant’s idea, not on the topic

  • ROUND3

    The final round will be a stress interview. The participant has to come with his resume.


  • 1. The competition consist of three levels.
  • 2. Maximum three members in a team
  • 3. Use of mobile and gadgets in all round will lead to disqualification of team


First Prize Rs. 1500/-

Second Prize Rs. 1000/-


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  • Dasarathan 7418341413


  • 10 th April 2018
  • 134 IV year mechanical