Machinist is a practical skill based event that enlights the experienced and knowledgeable personnel’s capability by placing him in the challenging tasks which requires fine quality with minimal lead time.It tests the practical and machine operating capabilities of the students


  • ROUND1

    The first round will be a written based test containing fill ins and MCQ’s which will be related to the topics of Manufacturing and Heat Treatment processes and Welding operations.

  • ROUND2

    The second round comprises of welding the given component by choosing the proper type of weld and welding it defect free with operational strength and durability.

  • ROUND3

    Final round takes the qualifying person to machine given component to the required dimension with utmost accuracy. The fineness of the machining gains him the prize.


  • 1. Individual event
  • 2. Participants must wear safety shoes or else will not be permitted two further rounds
  • 3. All measuring and helping equipments will be provided during the event


First Prize Rs. 1500/-

Second Prize Rs. 1000/-


  • Dasarathan 9043241413
  • Dasarathan 7418341413


  • 09 th April 2018
  • Hall 123, Workshop